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How translation can help to shine a light on the relationship between words and their meanings - Part 1

cartographie réseau sémantique 570

Scientist have discovered a universal model when dealing with the meaning of words, revealed by the way in which the sense of the word evolved.

Some words have radically changed meaning with the passage of time. Once, the word awful denoted impressed or filled with fear. Clue once meant a ball of thread. Being called “nice” wasn’t really a compliment; it meant stupid, idiotic, or ignorant.


5 translation errors to avoid

5 errors

Whether you are a new translator or an experienced one, you know that you are not completely safe from committing errors when translating. Obviously you wouldn't make the mistake of carbon copying the source, or translating word for word the original text. However, you must still be aware of a number of recurring errors seen in translations. Here are the 5 traps you must avoid.


Beauty Words: when luxury meets an editorial communications agency

Luxe Beauty Words

How can you perfectly describe your high end products? Classic communications agencies aren’t enough to respond to your requirements in the sectors of luxury and beauty. In a market that is highly selective, it is a question of providing both a design-drafting service as well as adaptive editorial translations.


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