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Before embarking on an international marketing strategy and conquering new foreign markets, make sure you are equipped with the right tools. The translation of all your commercial, marketing and advertising content may give you the edge over your competitors! Thanks to its expertise in the field and its network of translators specialising in sales and marketing, Tradutec can provide you with the effective support needed for your internationalisation project to succeed.

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Benefit from consistent multilingual communication

Your marketing strategy is effective in the French-speaking world. But in order to shine internationally while preserving your company’s identity, your content must be carefully translated!

You are unlikely to be able to capture the attention of a foreign audience by literally translating your advertising, commercial and marketing materials! However, it is important to maintain your positioning and brand image in these markets.

To fulfill your ambitions, Tradutec provides you with its marketing expertise and offers a double-entry solution:

  • Adapt the initial message to make it attractive and striking whatever the target audience, taking into account the cultural, behavioural and linguistic specificities of different countries. Our dedicated translators master the subtleties of terminology, socio-cultural references, and idiomatic expressions of the target language as it is their mother tongue!
  • Preserve the “tone of voice”, the editorial style, and the distinguishing factors of your company, in all languages, in order to be clearly identifiable worldwide.

Opt for a sales and marketing translation with high added value

For successful multilingual communication, rely on a customised marketing strategy!

Some fields such as finance require strict and faithful translations. On the contrary, the translation of sales and marketing content must adapt the initial message to the cultural and linguistic specificities of the target countries in order to attract potential customers regardless of their nationality, without distorting your identity!

Thanks to their solid business experience in the marketing/advertising sector, our native translators provide more than a simple semantic adaptation.

According to your requirements and where appropriate, they are able to offer the following services:

  • Localisation. Your marketing or advertising message is adapted to the target market for optimal commercial impact! The aim is to spark interest and spur foreign audiences into action through the use of meaningful content. Our team of professionals excels in finding the terms that are likely to have an equal impact on French, English, German and Spanish-speaking audiences, etc.
  • Transcreation. To ensure that the message really resonates with the various international markets, it may be necessary to completely reformulate the slogan or the catchphrase, etc. In some cases, it is not a question of translating but of re-creating customised content. With a true understanding of strong and impactful phrases, our translators keep the persuasive power of your message while adapting it to foreign targets, their purchasing behaviour and cultural sensitivity. Multilingual communication campaigns will enable you to entice and retain foreign customers.

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For your international communication campaigns: count on global support!

Tradutec is more than just a translation agency. It is your trusted and informed partner to ensure the success of your marketing campaigns worldwide.

Our proactive team will provide you with comprehensive support to successfully launch your multilingual communication strategy:

  • Marketing concept test. Our team will test your concept with foreign target groups and launch a preliminary offer with defined targets. Ensure your international development thanks to our associated reporting!
  • Project management of all your sales and marketing content. Focus on your core business! We take care of coordinating the translations between your different subsidiaries using our expert methodology.

Optimise the translations on all of your sales and marketing documents!

Tradutec is your unique partner for the translation of all your advertising, commercial and marketing documents, whatever their nature:

  • Their typologies. For nearly 30 years, we have developed real marketing expertise to ensure the translation of all your professional content, whether classic or digital: sales brochures, leaflets, product sheets, market studies, websites, newsletters, product catalogues, packaging, advertising slogans, press kits and press releases, e-books, white papers, etc.
  • Using CAT tools such as Trados or MemoQ, we also manage translation memories and glossaries, ensuring the consistency of the terms used throughout your documents and ultimately reducing translation costs.
  • The desired language combinations. With our network of 600 dedicated translators, we can provide translation services in all languages to fulfill your specific needs.

Benefit from the services of an agency whose professionalism has been tested and approved for decades for all your international communication campaigns!