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Translations for exports, a profitable multilingual strategy

Translations for export

The conquest of new markets, the search for new customers, is something that every business must concern itself with when hoping to strengthen their activity in a lasting way. When it comes to this, export seems like an area of activity that is absolutely required. This primary goals are to increase turnover while reducing dependency on the local markets. Translations for the export of your commercial offerings and your know how, is a crucial step when confronting these new markets.


Translating e-mail marketing, for a company with a broader vision

e-mail marketing campaign

E-mail marketing is still a powerful way of handling prospecting and customer loyalty in 2017. It is a commercial effort that continues to reinvent and perfect itself.

Businesses have more and more numerous e-mailing software and tools at their disposal. These tools allow companies to be more autonomous and facilitate the utilisation of this method of communication. We aren’t telling you anything you don’t already know when we say that business is being done more and more at an international level, or that in order to continue development, one cannot neglect a vision of the global scale. Knowing that, the question of translating your e-mail marketing becomes more than merely pertinent.


How translation can help to shine a light on the relationship between words and their meanings - Part 2

meaning of words

Scientist have discovered a universal model when dealing with the meaning of words, revealed by the way in which the sense of the word evolved.

Words and the evolution of their meanings

How does mapping translations and re-translations show how words change meanings over time? This evolution relies directly on the way that words work.

Words are concept markers,” Youn explains. “Of course, we need a word to express ourselves, to communicate with others, but what is actually communicated is the meaning.


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