Case study

Translation of a showcase site designed in Wordpress to communicate with BtoB targets on the German market

Insurance consulting firm

The company specialises in advising companies and entrepreneurs on insurance matters (including legal and regulatory issues). Established on the French market, the company has over the years developed expertise on German companies and the specificities of the German market.

The need for translation, in a few words

The management team wants to strengthen its position on the German market, one of the markets that has best withstood the health crisis in Europe. It has distinctive legal and insurance expertise associated with Germany’s specific market. The board of directors therefore wishes to translate the entire corporate website, developed externally by a digital communication agency under the Wordpress CMS.

Services offered

  • Advice on the translation and localisation processes of the website managed via Wordpress (identification of the content to be translated, process of exporting and re-importing content, etc.)
  • Advice on optimisation processes aimed at reducing translation costs while maintaining translation quality consistent with BtoB targeting on the target market and the image challenges specific to an insurance consultancy firm.
  • Creation of a team of translators and proofreaders specialised in legal translation from French into German.

The different stages of the German translation of the corporate website

Tradutec’s project manager asked to be put in direct contact with the digital agency to clearly define the process. It was decided that the agency would remain responsible for the definitive publishing of the translated content

The content to be translated was identified

We were given “admin” access. We installed the WPML multilingual management plugin and created a “translator” access to export the content and re-import the translated files

Thanks to WPML, the “pages”, “post”, “widget”, “menu” and “form” content was marked “For translation”. Thanks to the “translator” access, we were able to export all the content in xliff format.

Note : a file containing all the Title and Description tags must also be created by the digital agency (often in Excel). Depending on the plugins used on the site (such as Yoast SEO for example), the translations of these tags that are specific to SEO constraints will have to be reintegrated by hand on each page of the site (in the case of showcase sites).

The project manager then piloted the translation using MemoQ in its server version, our CAT tool. The use of CAT tools has three key advantages for this type of project:

  • Interpreting xliff files cleanly
  • Locating repetitions in all files, ensuring the consistency of terminology, and enabling the definition and placing of keywords related to the client’s business
  • Creating a translation memory to reduce initial translation costs and optimize them over time, especially for future site updates (new blog posts, new services, news).

Once the files have been translated, the project manager automatically re-imports the xliff files into the “translator” interface. Finally, the web agency must check the internal network, publish the content and identify any untranslated content, as the case may be (hidden in other types of files that the WPML has missed).

Note: only the site developers can accurately identify at first glance all the content to be translated and its location within the site. Otherwise, the process will be iterative, by trial and error. The “cleaner” a website’s development, the easier this operation is (a few clicks at best).

The advantages of entrusting Traductec’s project managers with managing the translation process of a Corporate website created via Wordpress.

We provide multifaceted expertise:

  • Specialised translation expertise (here legal translation), with translators and proofreaders who are native speakers of German and who specialise both in legal translation and in the translation of BtoB websites.
  • Expertise in the management and coordination of multi-actor projects (the client company, the client’s digital communication agency, translators and proofreaders).
  • Mastery of various tools (e.g., the Wordpress CMS, the multilingual WPML plugin and the MemoQ CAT tool).
  • An upstream consulting approach, allowing us to best optimise and commit to our cost, quality and deadline guarantees.