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The role of a translation or interpreting agency encompasses many facets covering several fields of activity and professional sectors.

In the legal, financial, technical, marketing fields or in other professional specialisations, precision is required. This is why the TRADUTEC translation agency provides its clients with customised and efficient solutions, producing translations that are true to the original documents entrusted to it.

In order to successfully rise to this challenge, we have developed our expertise as a translation agency for over 30 years, as well as the skills of our translators and our rigorous quality assurance processes.

Our objective: to provide high quality multilingual translations in all areas of expertise.

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A fully independent agency with a network of over 600 professional translators and more than 30 years of experience.

Deadline, Quality, Price

Tradutec is committed to each of its clients. Tradutec’s recognised expertise has led to the creation of “Tradulog”, Commercial Management software adapted to the translation industry.

With its methods and tools, TRADUTEC is committed to the golden rule of the three key expectations for multilingual translation:

  • Our quotes are sent within an hour of your request.
  • We adapt our deadlines according to your requirements.
  • A proposed delivery date is a deadline that is met.
  • We select the best translators according to the language and the required area of technical expertise.
  • We create glossaries and translation memories to ensure the consistency of the terminology used.
  • We allocate the same translator to a client every time they request our services in order to ensure consistent translations over time.
  • All our translations are proofread by a technical reviewer.
  • Our prices are adapted according to the volume of translations entrusted to us.
  • Our use of CAT tools and translation memories enables us to be increasingly competitive: deduction of repetitions, acceleration of the translation process and therefore, the reduction of the proposed rates.
  • Our translation quotes are free of charge.

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High quality translation for all multilingual communications

Our internal organisation and know-how enable us to satisfy all your translation requests for all document types: professional, technical, medical, legal.

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A network of more than 600 professional translators

TRADUTEC selects its translators according to a rigorous methodology. Our database of translators consists of more than 600 professional translators, all with experience in a required field. Our translators are regularly tested and checked by our team of proofreaders in order to guarantee you a top-of-the-range multilingual translation service

All our translators have signed confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements with our company with regard to any data relating to the agency’s assignments.

For the translation of official documents (sworn translation), the translation agency Tradutec proposes the services of its certified translators. To make things easier, we can also take care of all the legalisation procedures for your documents that may be required by foreign authorities.

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The Tradutec agency is part of the TRADUTEC Group, a reliable group dedicated to international communication


Established in the 1960s to cater to the requirements of players in the legal sector, the Group, which is independent and family-owned, has controlled its organic growth and made targeted acquisitions to strengthen its position as a true 360° linguistic partner.

“Catering to all the language needs of companies, both large and small, as well as institutions in France and Europe is the mission of all our employees.”

As of 2020, the group is comprised of 13 translation companies, based in France (Paris, Puteaux, Laval, Annecy), Belgium and Luxembourg.